Friday, November 18, 2011

“Removal from Office and other remedies for Dereliction of Duty in Office or Misconduct

In #62, page 650, RONR 11th edition, the section is named: “Removal from Office and other remedies for Dereliction of Duty in Office or Misconduct,” there is a new section that shows the procedure of how to remove a presiding officer from the chair for all or part of a session.  If the person presiding is an appointed or elected chairman pro tem, a member can make the motion to “declare the chair vacant and proceed to elect a new chairman.”  RONR states this is a question of privilege and is an incidental main motion requiring a majority vote for its adoption. Once the motion is seconded the chairman is required to state the motion to the assembly, then step down from presiding. The secretary takes his place and takes the vote. If the motion is adopted, then the chairman steps down and the members elect another new chairman pro tem.  The secretary presides until a new chairman is elected. 

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  1. Is it dereliction of duties to call for an emergency meeting with a tentative date of 04-21, at the general meeting of April 05... then change the date to a tentative date 04-28. The chair also said that he would call with a confirmation on 04-16 but to date there has been no confirmation for the new date of 04-28. It was clear that the emergency meeting had to take place before the next general meeting. The emergency meeting was to address amendments that would affect the vote of the June elections. The nomination committee has not been formed. The last 2010 election was not held due to a technicality. How many times can an emergency meeting be postponed and is is it legal to bypass an election due to a technicality. I can only assume that certain officers are trying to interfere with the election process in order to extend their terms of office