Saturday, October 29, 2011

Procedures in small boards

Here is more information about the changes in 11th edition of RONR. See "procedures in small boards. Page 487." Several big changes have been made. In the 10th edition it stated that in small boards one did not have to obtain the floor. In the 11th edition it states that a member “may raise a hand instead of standing when seeking to obtain the floor.” So now they are basically saying that even in small boards one must obtain the floor to speak. This will certainly keep people from interrupting one another.

The next big change is on page 488 in the first footnote. It allows the board to close and limit debate. It specifically states that these motions are in order in small boards, but qualifies the statement with “occasions where they are necessary or appropriate may be rarer than in larger assemblies.” In the 10th edition it stated that “motions to close or limit debate generally should not be entertained.” This change certainly could help expedite business where someone wants to drone on and on about a subject.

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